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Welcome to the world's third island largest island: Kalimantan. Also called Borneo, this island covered the area of 540,000 square kilometers or about a third part of total Indonesia land area. Indonesia owns the southeastern two-thirds of the island of Borneo, with Brunei and Malaysia cover the rest of the area in the north.

Indonesian Borneo (Kalimantan) encompasses four provinces: West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, South Kalimantan and East Kalimantan. 
The population of Kalimantan is approximately 9 million people, most live in settlements along its rivers. The two main population groups are the Dayak and the Malays. The Dayak, indigenous to Kalimantan, are forest dwellers and primarily Christian. The predominantly Muslim Malays live mostly in the coastal regions and the main cities of Kalimantan. Together, the two populations make up about 40% of the island's population.

This is one of the capitals of adventure in Indonesia. The island is covered with dense rain forests and mountains, resulting in much of the terrain being virtually impassable and large areas unexplored. If you wish to get the real wildlife tour in Indonesia, here's the place. 

This is the home of endemic and unusual wildlife such as orangutans (pongo pygmaeus) and proboscis monkeys (nasalis larvatus).
Kalimantan is also an "island of rivers" and is the only routes to reach all the way in to the heart of the island. Exploring the major rivers is a definite a highlight, especially the Mighty Mahakam tiver and it's riverines. Together with its endemic fauna, spectacular fauna and  unique cultures make Kalimantan - one of the least visited place of travel to Indonesia - Make Kalimantan as one of the obsession of the adventure seekers.

Find out the BEST ITINERARIES of traveling on this island. For tour cost and other questions and contact us your Indonesia travel tour agent:

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